Government allocates Rs20, 000 million for Judicial infrastructure development

The government has decided to allocate Rs20, 000 million from the budget of the year 2021 for the implementation of the infrastructure development of the judicial sector on a three-year plan.

The delay in the justice mechanism in Sri Lanka has become a challenge for ensuring the rule of law within the country, the Cabinet has noted.

Therefore, it is of vital importance to supply sufficient physical resources and to introduce necessary legal reforms to resolve the outstanding issues in the judicial sector. Introducing novel technology will also be a part of this three-year plan.


Cabinet approves amendments to Botanic Gardens Ordinance

The National Botanic Gardens Ordinance will be amended to meet with the present requirements since the Ordinance is 90 years old. The Minister of Tourism had suggested several amendments which the Cabinet has approved.


Youth Corps Act to be scrapped

The Youth Corps Act of 2002 is to be scrapped by the government in a bid to replace the same and set up Youth Corps as an Authority according to a proposal by the Youth Affairs minister.


Government to amend CPC

The government will soon introduce new legislation and amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code in a bid to protect Human Pride, Social Unity, and against fake news and malicious speech.


Adani and John Keells to develop WCT

The government has approved a proposal to develop the West Container Terminal on a thirty-five-year, Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis as a public private partnership with Adani Ports and Special Economic Zones Ltd and its local representative John Keels Holdings PLC and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

Although the, Build Operate and Transfer plan approved by the negotiating committee has been forwarded to the Indian High commission and the Japanese Embassy. No investor has been nominated by the Japanese Government so far.



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