The Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court today informed the public that the cause of death of businessman Dinesh Schaffter has not yet been determined by the court.
Explaining the circumstances that led to holding the magisterial inquest in camera, Colombo Additional Magistrate Rajindra Jayasuriya said the court decided to hold the inquiry in camera upon a request made by the relatives of the deceased.
The Additional Magistrate further said that since various information relating to the death has been disseminated through the media, a request was received from the relatives of the deceased to conduct the inquest in camera.
Meanwhile, it was revealed that the court has received an analytical report from the government analyst regarding the death of Dinesh Schaffter.
On a previous occasion, the court had ordered the government analyst to conduct DNA tests on the samples collected from the blood samples and other body parts of businessman Dinesh Schaffter.
The CID informed the court that they are expecting to call for a DNA report pertaining to the body parts of businessman Dinesh Schaffter and other samples collected from the crime scene.
During today’s inquiry, the testimony of the deceased’s brother was recorded in the magistrate’s chamber. A further magisterial inquiry is fixed for February 8.


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