All crew members, 25 in number, of the Mv X-press Pearl that caught fire a few days ago have been rescued by the Navy.

However, two crew members injured following an explosion onboard the vessel admitted to the Colombo National Hospital with injuries for treatment.

The vessel berthed outside the Colombo harbourcaught fire a few days ago and was burning for six consecutive days. The ship is carrying Nitric Acid, Cosmetics and other Chemicals. Colombo Port sources said.

Following the explosion that occurred this morning, several containers in the ship have fallen into the sea.

The Marine Protection Authority is now planning to move the ship a further fifty nautical miles away into the deep sea to reduce marine environment destruction.

Meanwhile, the Marine Protection Authority has launched a special investigation to test the air quality following the explosion since the ship is laden with chemicals. A special Dutch flight with special equipment to contain the fire will arrive shortly in Sri Lanka.


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