The CID, which is conducting investigations into the death of businessman Dinesh Schaffer, informed the court today that they are in the process of referring ten individuals, including staff members of Colombo National Hospital, for DNA tests. They are the ones who have helped Dinesh Schaffter be admitted to the Colombo National Hospital.
The CID said these DNA tests will be utilized for the investigations into the suspicious blood sample detected from the vehicle of Dinesh Schaffter on the day he was found unconscious and tied inside the car.
The Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court had earlier ordered the Government Analyst to conduct a DNA test on former English cricket commentator Brian Thomas, a business friend of the deceased Dinesh Schaffter. The court had also ordered the government analyst to perform DNA tests on 21 policemen involved in the investigations.
Colombo Chief Magistrate Prasanna Alwis fixed a further magisterial inquiry into the incident for May 24.


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