Like many countries the world over, Sri Lanka too, from last year until now, has had to face the severity of the Corona pandemic and as a result lost number of human lives and suffered economic setbacks country wise & familieswise.Parliamentarian Justice C.V Wignesraran said.

In a statement issued Justice Wigneswaran further said “The present situation in Sri Lanka is extremely dangerous. Daily we are losing 100-150 valuable lives in Sri Lanka. Therefore we must realize that people of Sri Lanka despite speaking different languages and/ or following different religions have been equally affected by the Corona pandemic. During the Tsunami the opposing warring sides, the Sri Lankan Forces & the Liberation Tigers forgetting their differences came together for a few days to join and help those affected by the Tsunami. Therefore it is incumbent that we forget our political differences at this stage and decide together as to how to save this Country from the Corona Pandemic.

The following preventive measures I believe may be helpful to all-

1. Individual safe health must be maintained in terms of advice tendered by the Health Sector.

2. Except those involved in official duties others should severely limit their outings from home.

3. If it is necessary to go out for any reason wearing of mask, maintaining social distance from others and washing your hands with soap or applying sanitizer when you return home are absolutely necessary. Today it seems best to wear two masks. The delta type of Corona Virus is playing havoc in Sri Lanka & hence we must take adequate preventive steps. Even I had been slack in maintaining these precautionary measures. But now I have woken up to the dangers of indifference in this regard. Therefore let us all make sure that we maintain these basic precautions without fail.

4. Avoiding large gatherings of persons is also important. If it is a large important family or social gathering it is best to postpone the programme for some time.

5. According to advice from Health authorities if any person has fever, cold, cough, throat pain continuously for over two days it is best for such person to consult a Doctor, hospital or medical officers of Health.

6. Those going out and returning home should in order to destroy the Corona virus in their nasal passages as well as on their throats inhale hot steam daily for some time. They could mix a little of any Ayurvedic Balm to the hot water before inhaling the steam.

7. Most important precaution to be taken is to have oneself vaccinated without fail. Trying to research as to what vaccines are good and ascertaining their brand names, finding out which country produces it, checking if certain vaccines bring side effects or waiting for the American Pfizer vaccine to come are ways of delaying your safety. Whichever vaccine is available in your area every person over 30 years must take two doses from it without delay.That would be prudent, I believe.

8. Countries like Israel, Britain and Australiahad made it compulsory that every person in their respective countries must get vaccinated and strict adherence to such rule has brought good results in their countries. Let us also make it our obligation to have ourselves vaccinated at the earliest.


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