The Extradition papers on former Central Bank Governor Arjun Mahendran have been re-sent to the Attorney General’s Department of Singapore in a bid to expedite the process of extraditing Mr Mahendran.

Sri Lanka seeks the extradition of Arjuna Mahendran from Singapore in connection with the Central Bank bond scam that took place in February 2015, the Attorney General informed Court today.  

Senior Deputy Solicitor General Haripriya Jayasundaraappearing for the Attorney General informed the Permanent Trial-at-Bar bench that on three occasions, Attorney General’s department had sent relevant papers to the Singapore Attorney General’s Department regarding  Arjun Mahendran’s extradition.

The Permanent Trial-at-Bar bench has already issued a warrant written in English through Interpol for the arrest of former Central Bank Governor Arjun Mahendran who is currently residing overseas and evading courts.

Criminal indictments have been filed in this case against former Central Bank Governor ArjunaMahendran, former Bank Deputy Governor P. Samarasiri, Perpetual Treasuries Limited (PTL), the PTL beneficiary owner Arjun Joseph Aloysius, PTL Chief dealer Kasun Palisena, Chairman of Perpetual Treasuries Limited Jeffrey Joseph Aloysius, PTL directors Pushya Mithra Gunawardena, Chitta Ranjan Hulugalle, Muthuraja Surendran and Ajahn GardiyaPunchihewa.

According to the indictments, all ten accused have been charged with conspiracy to commit criminal misappropriation in respect of treasury bonds to the face value of Rs.10.058 billion and Mahendran and Samarasiri have been charged with criminal breach of trust in respect of Treasury Bonds to the face value of Rs. 10.058 billion resulting in a loss to the government of Rs. 688.76 million.

Former Deputy Governor P. Samarasiri is accused of abetting the former Central Bank governor ArjunaMahendran to commit a criminal breach of trust in respect of Treasury Bonds. The PTL is accused of insider dealing and criminal misappropriation in respect of Treasury Bonds to the face value of Rs 5 billion. Mahendran, Samarasiri, Aloysius, Palisena and the director board of PTL are accused of abetting PTL to commit insider dealing and criminal misappropriation.

The Charges have been presented under the Public Property Act and Registered Stocks and Securities Ordinance. The Attorney General has named 115 individuals as prosecution witnesses and further listed 236 documents as production items. The supporting evidence in the form of court productions (documents) is understood to have over 1 million pages.


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