Addressing the 30 year development plan of the Colombo North Port workshop, on Friday (21) in Colombo, President Ranil Wickremesinghe emphasized that the government’s intention is to make Sri Lanka an air and sea hub in the region. The country has to focus on its future in the next 25 years on how to make Sri Lanka a developed country, he added.

The President also stressed that attention should be drawn to the development in India, Pakistan, Iran, and the entire Makran coast, in assessing the role that Sri Lanka.

President Wickremesinghe also highlighted the adjustments to be taken in making Sri Lanka the hub of the Indian Ocean when the whole logistics and transportation in the region changes with the Chinese involvement in the East to West Railways in the African nation.

The President also revealed that by 2050, India will be the most populous country in the world from 1.4 billion increasing to 1.7 billion people. The industrialization of India is on a fast track, especially in some areas such as Gujarat, Maharashtra and especially Tamil Nadu.

Highlighting the importance of probing the development in India to find the connectivity that’s going to take place between India and Sri Lanka, President Wickremesinghe pointed out the opportunities that Sri Lanka would receive


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