Zaharan’s wife Sadiya’s audio clips are available.
Sheds more light on the Easter Sunday attack.

SJB Parliamentarian Harin Fernanado caused sensation in Parliament yesterday when he said that audio clips of Zahaan Hashim’s wife Sadiyaadmitting that her husband had met with intelligence officers are available shedding new light to the Eater Sunday attack episode.

Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith and Vatican officials had also listened to the clips he asserted.
I will not disclose where it is owing to security reasons he added.

“The meeting was prior to the Easter Sunday Attack”

Parliamentarian Fernando invited Public Security Minister Sarath Weerasekara for public debate on the matter.. “I am not scared of getting arrested and that is why I invite Minister Weerasekera for a public debate,” he said.

Whilst alleging that a senior DIG who ordered the lorries with explosives to be released on April 4 , the MP tabled a copy of a contract thesaid Police Officer had signed with Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) pertaining to the post of Security advisor.

” This senior DIG has been offered a payment of Rs. 150,000 as a salary. How can a servingPolice Officer accept another post?” he questioned


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