The Health authorities have stated they may not be able to vaccinate all people above the age of 60 years, owing to numerous reasons.

Deputy Director-General of Health Services DrHemantha Herath told a news conference that the vaccination of the above 60s depends on their mood. “

There could be people who are reluctant to get the vaccine, and people who have misgivings about vaccination programmes, and also people who are unable to reach a vaccination centre.

“The only way to vaccinate the entire population of the relevant age group is through a door to door vaccination programme. That could be a difficult task to accomplish under the prevailing conditions” he pointed out.

However, he said they would do their best to vaccinate the entire population above the age of sixty, we have already vaccinated the majority of them but we could not vaccinate by force we can offer the vaccine to everybody the recipient also has a responsibility he added.


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