The Health Ministry has issued updated guidelines for office and commercial activities and private gatherings for the next two weeks as part of its Covid management measures.


According to the guidelines, the number of attendees at official, corporate, professional meetings and events should not be more than 50 percent of the usual capacity of the room or hall.

The number of customers who can be inside shops, grocery stores, pharmacies and supermarkets will be limited to 50 percent of the capacity at any given time.


In the case of private gatherings the maximum number of people at an indoor venue will be 50 percent of its usual capacity while outdoor gatherings will not be permitted. Meanwhile the maximum in a private house should not exceed ten people.


In -house restaurant dining will also be limited to 50 percent of its usual capacity while up to 150 people will be allowed for outdoor dining.


Financial institutions such as banks and finance companies will be required to limit the number of customers who are indoors to 25.


These guidelines will be reviewed on the 31st of December.


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