The story of Scuba the fawn who was born last week in the Trincomalee naval dockyard is an uplifting one amidst the scores of stories we hear about the death and destruction that befalls Sri Lanka’s fauna and flora.


Bonding: Scuba and mum

Scuba’s mum was loping along, enjoying the peace of the rocky beaches of Ostenburg Ridge in the Trincomalee naval dockyard which is also a sanctuary, when suddenly she was accosted by a ferocious dog which started to attack her.  Terrified, the gentle deer started to flee.  She jumped into the swirling waters of the Indian Ocean to escape her attacker but as she struggled against the strong currents which kept dragging her out to sea, realized she had to battle another adversary. A group of naval officers who were engaged in operational activity in the Trincomalee harbour area saw the struggling deer and speeded up to her in their diving boat to help.  But the rescue wasn’t easy because the frightened deer, already traumatized by her encounter with the dog and the deep waters, kept pushing the men away.  Finally, the men were able to get her into the boat and she was taken immediately to the navy medics to be treated for the bites from the dog. The navy officers kept her in the camp and cared for her while she recuperated from her injuries because she was not in a fit state to be released back to the jungles. A couple of days later she surprised them when she went into labour.  The officers helped the pregnant mother to birth the baby who was named Scuba. It won’t be too long before the duo head off to their home in the jungles.  But not without leaving behind fond and lasting memories. (SW)


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