The Hotels Association of Sri Lanka has filed a writ petition in the Court of Appeal seeking an order quashing the decision of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) to charge a higher electricity tariff from the hotel sector than that of the industrial sector.

The petitioner states that the tourism industry provided direct and indirect employment to over 402,607 persons in the year 2019.

The petitioner states that the added cost of electricity, in addition to the already high costs of operations, will hinder the hotel industry’s ability to settle loans, refurbish, expand, or build more hotels, hire more employees to cope with an increase in demand, and add value to their guests. The petitioner further said it would further lead to a reduction in employment, value addition, and the attractiveness of Sri Lanka to foreign tourists as they could travel to other competitive destinations such as Bali and Thailand, which are already offering lesser price ranges than Sri Lanka.

The petitioner stated that irreparable loss and grave mischief would be occasioned to the petitioner and its members, as well as the Sri Lankan tourism industry in general, unless the interim reliefs are granted by the court.

This petition is to be taken up for support on March 28. Maithri Gunaratne PC, with Counsel Migara Gunaratne, Iresh Seneviratne, and Ashan Nanayakkara, appeared for the petitioners.




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