A threat assessment for navigational safety caused by the container debris of the ill-fated Mv. X-press Pearl off the Colombo Port has been carried out and shared with Sri Lankan Authorities. The Indian High Commission said in a statement.

Aerial surveillance conducted has confirmed that there was no leakage fuel has been detected so far the statement further said. However, the CG Dornier will continue to conduct a regular aerial assessment of the area for an oil spill.

The IHC statement said “the Indian Coast Guard carrying out joint firefighting and pollution control efforts along with relevant Sri Lankan authorities including Navy and Coast Guard, to stabilise the situation on the MV Xpress Pearl.

The burden of these efforts has been to focus on preventing the spread of fire towards the vessel’s bow and thereby protecting anchor, cable chain and other associated machinery in highly inclement weather.

At present, heavy smoke is observed only near the accommodation/ Superstructure area in the aft portion of the ship and is being tackled. Overall, the MV X Press Pearl is currently stable and not having issues with watertight integrity. External fire-fighting using foam and boundary cooling by sea-water along the entire length of the vessel from either side is under progress and continuous monitoring of vessel’s draught, list conditions and presence of hazardous and noxious substances overboard are being undertaken.  The quantity of combustible material on board is estimated to be limited. The ICG ships will continue to assess the situation, and the decision to board or approach closer to the vessel taken after fully dousing the fire and undertaking sufficient boundary cooling.”

Meanwhile, Samudra Prahari – a specialized pollution response vessel- will reach on 29 May 2021 (today) to augment pollution control efforts. The joint India-Sri Lanka operation involves continuous liaison by the High Commission and ICG Headquarters with relevant stakeholders in Sri Lanka for providing recommendations on fire fighting and pollution control.


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