What cruelty it is, to take their freedom away

Sharing a post on Facebook, IshiniWickremesinghe, who resigned from the Department of National Zoological Gardens, said yesterday she was helpless in protecting elephants, being taken away forcibly from Pinnawala.

‘Sri Devi’ is a very loving and affectionate elephant in Pinnawela. I was helpless in protecting her and the other elephants, being forcibly taken away from Pinnawala, Ishini said in her Facebook post.

Ishini Wickremesinghe reportedly resigned from the post of, Director-General of the Department of National Zoological Gardens in protest against the returning of illegally captured elephants to the alleged smugglers.

Sharing a video on Facebook on the pachyderms, loaded onto the trucks at Pinnawala, Ishini said it was an act of taking away their freedom. ‘What cruelty it is to take away their freedom, for someone’s, interests’, Ishini added.


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