Streamlining the issuance of curfew permits, a communique from the Inspector General of Police states that staff of forty three government and semi-government departments and private institutions will be allowed travel for work purposes during curfew hours, by showing their official Identity cards.

However,  employers are cautioned to limit the number of staff called into work, and are asked that records such as date, time, place or area of work,  and vehicle numbers  of the said staff be maintained. (See full list in communique inserted below).

The communique released on April 7th,  states that the decision to streamline the issuance of curfew passes is to prevent large numbers congregating at police stations to obtain the permits.  Therefore, companies, industries and institutions employing more than 50 staff, and located within the Colombo District, will need to apply to the Police Headquarters for their curfew permits.

Similarly, institutions, companies and industries employing more than 50 staff and located in the Gampaha and Kalutara Districts will have to apply for curfew passes to the Office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of the Western Province.

All other such companies, industries and institutions , that have more than 50 persons on their staff, and are located outside the Western Province are requested to apply for curfew passes to the Office of the DIG of their respective Provinces.

Meanwhile, industries, companies and institutions that employ less than 50 but more than 10 staff could apply for curfew passes to the Office of the Superintendent of Police in charge of the respective Divisions.  In the case of employers who have less than 10 staff, curfew passes will be issued by the respective local police stations.  Similarly, individuals requiring a curfew permit for extreme humanitarian reasons too are asked to apply at their local police stations for the passes.

While curfew permit holders will not be allowed to travel across the country, crossing of district boundaries as necessary, will be allowed, the communique adds, while advising all employers to consider the risk of COVID-19 infection to their employees before applying for the permits.

All curfew permit holders are also required to strictly adhere to the health and safety guidelines issued by the Director General of Health Services, the communique adds.



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