Dr Sathis Jayasinghe the personal physician of former President J.R Jayewardene and one of the pioneers in setting up the North Colombo Medical College, has died of Covid.

Dr Jayasinghe was treated in a private hospital and died due to the acute shortage of TociiliZumab, a vital drug used in the Covid 19 treatment protocol.

Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa raised the issue in Parliament and requested the government urgently import the essential drugs needed for patients with severe Covid infection.

State minister channa Jayasumana retorted saying, the drug was available, but the demand was very high, indicating the drug was in short supply.

The social media platform carried a request by Dr Jayasinghe’s son asking for Tocilizumabstating, it was not available in the open market.

Dr Jayasinghe’s son Rohan Jayasinghe posted

My father, Dr Jayasinghe, needs the medicine which you say is available. My father is not the only one I know of many. I await your call with how can I get it. Our lives are not a joke for your existence.

Tossi is not available in the hospital that my dad may have to use.

In an emergency, when we need it, as you have explained, how can we get it?


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