The JVP yesterday vehemently criticized the government’s move to introduce an act in Parliament to exempt individuals, disclosing hitherto, undisclosed assets from investigation and prosecution.

Sunil Handunneththi the, one-time Chairman of the COPE (Committee on Public Enterprises), said the new legislation would enable those who cheated the country to walk scot-free after paying 1% tax on voluntary disclosures.

“ It is not a tax but a bribe to the government, “ he said.

It is one way of helping the government’s cronies to make their black money legal under the guise of the proposed legislation.

Such individuals who disclose their assets will are eligible to get legitimacy for their black money Handunneththi charged.

“The government is scraping the coffers to find dollars, much needed foreign exchange but, this is not the way to do it”.

Giving concessions to genuine businesses is acceptable, but this kind of legislation will not offer relief to the needy small and medium Enterprises or industries (SME &SMI) but to the cronies who have undisclosed assets elsewhere.

The JVP will challenge the bill that seeks to legitimize black money, he said.


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