The senior counsel for the first female Deputy Inspector General of Police has clarified the position in respect of his client, after she was removed as the Police Ombudsman.

The lawyers that represent her has demanded the immediate reinstatement of the  said officer in her appropriate position.

The Inspector General of Police has removed Ms Bimshani Jasin-Arachchi from her position as the Police Ombudsman with effect from May01.

In a brief clarification, on her behalf Senior Counsel Chrismal Warnasuriya states .that by an Internal Circular dated 23rd of March 2021, the Inspector General of Police purportedlyremoved DIG Bimshani Jasin-Arachchi from acting in her duties previously delegated to her, in the Police Ombudsman Range with effect from 01st of May 2021

At the same time the IGP has failed to assign to her any DIG range or other comparable duties to perform in the capacity of a DIG to date.

The clarification further states that, the staff assigned to her office have been directed to report to another DIG (Staff DIG) from 04th May2021 which exacerbates the above position which also has a direct adverse bearing on her position in the matters presently being deliberated upon in the FR application bearing No. 354/2020 filed by 33 Male SSPs challenging the appointment.

In the circumstances, we have written to the IGP to immediately reinstate our client in appropriate duties, as the DIG Police Ombudsman Range and/or to allocate other suitable duties, with copies to Public Service Commission, the National Police Commission Ministry of Public Security and the Attorney-General.

Furthermore, it has now been revealed to our client that although it is claimed that there are 33 Petitioners challenging her appointment in the above FR application No. 354/2020, it is in fact not so, that at least one of those so called Petitioners have not consented to any such action and the petition has been filed without his knowledge; we are instructed to bring these matters to the attention of Court and necessary authorities. We also extend our gratitude, on behalf of our client, to all the Women’s Organizations and other Movements that have extended unparalleled support to DIG Bimshani Jasin-Arachchi during this testing time .



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