The magisterial inquiry into the alleged questionable last will of late Miss Ceylon 1962 Jennifer Ingleton (nee Labrooy) put off today, for September 21. by the Chief Magistrate’s Court.

The case was put off owing to the prevailing pandemic situation in the country.

The Court had earlier ordered the registrar of Colombo District Court to produce the purported Last Will and Testaments of late Jennifer Ingleton in Court for perusal relating to the magisterial inquiry.

Jennifer Ingleton (nee Labrooy) was crowned Miss Ceylon in 1962 and passed away on 17th July 2020 after a sickness at her residence in Cotta Terrace, Borella. She was looked after by the suspect Sujeewa Jayathileke and one lady by the name of Kurulu who were not the blood relations of her family.

It was purportedly said that Jennifer Ingletonhad bequeathed all her properties to SujeewaJayathileke. The suspicion occurred in the normal circumstances due to Ingleton’s friends and well-wishers not being allowed to visit her when she was residing at her residence.

The prosecution is expecting to refer the said last will to the scrutiny of the Government Examiner of Questioned Documents to analyze the authenticity or whether the said document is a forged last will or not. The Colombo Fraud Bureau is conducting further investigations.

Jennifer’s half-brother and a sister-in-law had complained to the Colombo Fraud Bureau over the suspicious Last Will and the testaments alleged to have been signed by Jennifer, a 78-year-old widow, without any children and any relations living in Sri Lanka. Jennifer had died under suspicious circumstances according to her brother, presently living in England.  



The half-brother had alleged that she could have been saved if proper attention and treatment was given. He said the chaperon who looked after she had not sought medical assistance deliberately to get hold of her assets in Sri Lanka.


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