Colombo Chief Magistrate Prasanna Alwis today expressed dissatisfaction over the behaviour of the lawyers in the courtroom during the inquiry into a forged birth certificate case relating to State Minister Diana Gamage. The Chief Magistrate observed that irrespective of title or status, the lawyers should behave decently before the Court.

Colombo Chief Magistrate Prasanna Alwis made this remark when President’s Counsel
Shavindra Fernando interrupted as Counsel Rienzie Arseculeratne, PC, was making his submissions.
The incident took place when Arseculeratne raised objections against the submissions of the CID, asserting that the CID was maintaining double standards without arresting Diana Gamage.
Arseculeratne said the CID had not arrested Diana Gamage while there was ample proof that she had committed a punishable offence. Arseculeratne further told the Magistrate that a “B’ report filed in court by the CID had clearly stated that Diana Gamage had obtained a passport by tendering a forged birth certificate to the Immigration and Emigrations Department, and now, without arresting the suspect, the CID was trying to let her go scot-free by saying that they were further investigating the matter and had sought the assistance of the Foreign Office of Great Britain to ascertain her British citizenship.
At this point Shavindra Fernando PC attempted to interrupt Arseculeratne PC, and subsequently Senior Counsel Gunaratna Wanninayake intervened in the incident.
A further magisterial inquiry is scheduled for March 23.


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