The Association of Medical Experts has questioned the rationale behind the decision to immunize 20-30 -year olds with the Pfizer vaccine.

The medical experts point out they have a letter issued by the DGHS on September 2 regarding immunizing people between 20-30 years of age in Hambantota with the Pfizer vaccine

They point out that the objective behind the vaccination drive should be to save lives and reduce hospitalization of Covid patients. The medical experts also urge that priority should be given to people above the age of 60 and those with comorbidities.

In the circumstances, the Association of Medical Specialists has urged the Government to conduct the immunization program scientifically and rationally.

In a press release, the AMS underlines that the rational use of vaccines can lead to minimizing COVID-19 deaths, and the immunization of the vulnerable is important to reduce COVID-19 deaths, such as those above 60.

AMS says immunization of unvaccinated vulnerable must be a priority, and then a booster dose should be given to the fully vaccinated group who are at risk of severe disease.

Citing data from Bahrain and Prof. Neelika Malavige’s group, AMS says “while people below 60 years mount a good immune response to Sinopharm vaccine, it is evident that a minority of people of more than 60 years do not produce an antibody response and are at a higher risk of hospitalization and death, compared to those given Pfizer/Moderna/ Astra Zeneca (AZ) vaccines.” Hence they urge that priority be given to the people above sixty in administering the vaccine.


The Press release further states;

In addition, certain groups do not mount an adequate immune response following two doses of vaccine. These groups should receive a third dose of AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna to prevent such undesirable outcomes.

We have a limited quantity of AstraZeneca/mRNA vaccines in such a situation we find the administration of Pfizer vaccine to healthy 20-30-year-olds, who can effectively mount an adequate immune response with the Sinopharm vaccine is irrational and unscientific.

We believe that the administration of Covid vaccines should be done with the advice of a competent body of experts, such as the ACCD of the Ministry of Health. Deviation from the advice of the ACCD has already cost many lives by offering Covid vaccines to the 30 to 60 age group before completing the vaccination of the above 60 age group.

We hope that even at this late stage decisions will be taken more rationally based on scientific evidence.

We reiterate as a union of responsible medical specialists, decision-makers should always adhere to the vaccine deployment plan prepared by ACCD and submitted to WHO.




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