The Presidents of the faculties of Medicine Teachers Association have expressed their concern over the proposed Kotalawala DefenceUniversity Act, stating that adequate consultations have not taken place with all the stakeholders.

The teachers, further state thus:

We, the Presidents of the Faculties of Medicine Teachers’ Associations (FMTA) are extremely concerned about the developments in the higher education sector at present. We understand that a draft of a proposed bill titled “KotelawalaDefence University Act” is in discussion in Parliament and scheduled to be presented for the third reading next week.

Free education is one of the greatest achievements in Sri Lanka that have paved the way for the development of all sectors. Similarly, the quality of medical education in the country has contributed towards the improvement of the health system of the country and the health of the Nation.

Therefore extreme caution must be exercised when proposing changes that may have implications on the higher education process and the medical education system of the country. An in-depth discussion on short-, medium- and long-term outcomes to the country due to a change in the higher education process is mandatory before such changes are brought about.

We are of the view that adequate consultation involving all stakeholders has not taken place in the preparation of the proposed KNDU Act.

Therefore, we, as a key stakeholder in the higher education sector and medical education system in Sri Lanka, demand from all the authorities to take immediate measures to differ the presentation of the said KNDU bill for further deliberations in Parliament until adequate consultations are made with the stakeholders.

The statement was issued under the signatures of.

Presidents of the Faculties of Medicine Teachers’ Associations Prof. M. MadhuwanthiDissanayake President- FMTA- (Colombo) DrNayana Liyanarachchi President- FMTA- (Karapitiya) Dr Jayamal De Silva President – FMTA (Sri Jayewardenepura) Dr K.T Sundaresan President – FMTA (Eastern) DrAsantha Jayewardena Representative- FMTU (Rajarata)


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