Dr. Anil Jasinghe, Director General of Health Services. (courtesy MoH)

Predicting that there will be no more COVID-19 clusters or expansion of existing clusters is impossible, says the Director General of Health Services, Dr. Anil Jasinghe.

Issuing a statement today, April 29th, Dr. Jasinghe says that contact tracing of Navy personnel who have contracted the virus, is almost at an end.  While their immediate family and friends and others with whom the sailors have been in contact are under observation by health and intelligence services personnel for possible infection, he is of the opinion that the existing clusters will not grow further.

Anyone considered as having been exposed to the virus are already in quarantine, the statement adds.

While all necessary measures to curtail the spread of the virus have been put in place, he reiterates that this will be possible only if the public adhere to the guidelines set out by health officials.


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