The Navy Commander and officials of the Marine Protection Authority met with the Attorney General today to assess the legal status of the burning vessel and the magnitude of the marine pollution caused by it.

According to Naval sources, the blazing fire has now subsided. In a day or two officials, could go closer to the vessel to carry out necessary investigations. Naval sources said.

The Indian Coast Guard had helped the Navy in the process and checked the area for navigational safety after the Container debris fell from the Ship was floating in the seawater up to Negombo.

Meanwhile, the Central Environmental Authority has said that the coast and the areas where the debris from the ill-fated vessel has strewn should be declared, a hazardous area.

Fishermen from Sea Street Negombo who lost their employment due to the inclement weather and travel restrictions have voiced their dissatisfaction over the string of events that took place recently. They have appealed to the government to take immediate steps to protect the marine resources while expressing the opinion that distributing money or paying compensation would not suffice.


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