The Central government of India has advised the States to declare mucormycosis (Black fungus) as an epidemic. This would mean health facilities will have to screen for the fungal infection and report it to the government.

Mucormycosis or black fungus infection is a rare but highly dangerous disease that is now increasing among COVID-19 patients in India. The disease is caused by exposure to the mucormycetes mold and has a high mortality rate. It affects the ear, nose, throat, and mouth, particularly in people with diabetes issues or whose immunity is compromised. The use of steroids in COVID-19 treatment is being cited as a reason for the increase in cases. Steroids help in fighting COVID-19 but could lead to higher sugar levels, making the patients vulnerable to mucormycosis.

Rajasthan, Telangana and Tamil Nadu have already declared the disease an epidemic, with Rajasthan having seen 90 deaths due to it already. COVID-19 patients who also have diabetes will need additional care and longer hospitalisation. The use of steroids will have to be rationalised and blood sugar levels closely monitored. The extra load that the prevalence of this disease will put on the already stretched healthcare system is what makes this story important.(The Hindu)


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