Sri Lanka’s State Minister of Primary Health Care, Epidemics and COVID Disease Control (Dr) Sudarshani Fernadopulle said the government will take necessary steps to reopen the country after Monday (20).

She told reporters on Tuesday (14) that the COVID-19 related mortality and infections have reduced during the four-week quarantine curfew period.

The State Minister also noted that during the same period the vaccination program was carried out on a large scale, where the mobile vaccination drive also took place in an expeditious manner.

She said there is no truth to various rumors about the vaccines, adding that parents rush to hospitals to ensure the necessary vaccines are given to their newborn children, however, when it comes to vaccinating the adults people tend to spread unfounded rumors.

The Minister rejected rumors that Covid vaccines would cause infertility and sexual dysfunction.


“There is no research on vaccinating those below the age of 12. Therefore, the vaccination of children will be decided on scientific grounds as the children needs special care.


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