The Ministry of Health today requested DrAnanda Wijewickrama to reconsider his decision to resign from the Intercollegiate Technical Committee of the Director-General of Health Services.

Deputy Director-General of Health Services DrHemantha Herath addressing a media briefing, said today that it would augur well for the Health sector if Dr Wijewickrama reconsiders his decision.

Dr Wijewickrama is known to be one of the key medical professionals who rendered a great service and advice in the battle against COVID-19 pandemic in the country,” Dr Herath said.

While respecting his decision, however, DrHerath said his decision would badly affect the way forward in eliminating COVID-19,”

The nearest reason attributed to his resignation was the decision by the Director-General of Health Services to authorize the administration of Pfizer vaccine to youth between the ages of 20-30 in certain areas coming under the Hambantota district.

Meanwhile, another Medical specialist DrAsoka Gunaratne has also resigned opposing, the decision taken by the Director-General of Health services contrary to the accepted norms and principles in administering the vaccines.

Sources also said that certain ad hoc decisions taken by make-shift committees triggered an uncomfortable situation with in the intercollegiate technical committee.

It included a decision by the Health Ministry to administer only one dose of the sputnik v vaccine to the recipients in the Kandy district after obtaining a letter.

The letter sent by the Director-General of health services to the regional directors authorizing the administration of the Pfizer vaccines in certain localities in the Hambantota district is annexed.


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