Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa has said that the government, unable to resolve the present economic meltdown, has resorted to the practice of facilitating money laundering to help crony racketeers.

The leader of the opposition said that the government should act against the tax evaders by enforcing the relevant laws and there are adequate provisions to deal with them.

The government’s objective is to provide tax relief to a very small percentage of people including swindlers those amounting to around 1 per cent.

Criticizing the Finance bill presented by the government he said it would protect big-time swindlers.

He said that both the SJB and the rest of the opposition strongly opposed the bill.


Finance Bill Passed by Parliament

The Finance Bill, which gives legal protection to undisclosed assets by paying only a levy amounting to 1%, was passed in Parliament with amendments today.

The second reading of the Bill was passed with 144 votes in favour and 44 against.



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