The Assistant Secretary General of Parliament has still not responded to a request by the Committee for Protecting Rights of Prisoners for information about firearms that are in the possession of parliamentarians.  

The CPRP sent the request on the 29th of September to Tikiri K. Jayatileke, who is also the information officer, as an application under the Right to Information Act.  Under the provisions of the Act, the information officer has to inform the applicant of the decision whether to grant the information or not as expeditiously as possible and in any case within 14 days of the application.  

The questions the CPRP asked are whether all members of parliament in the current parliament have been given firearms, whether there are MPs to whom firearms have not been given and who they are, whether it is only parliament that gives firearms to MPs and if a MP commits an offence with a licensed firearm whether he or she can be called to give oral evidence.




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