Pathfinder Vimana’ is part of a post-COVID investment strategy of Pathfinder Capital of  the MMBL-Pathfinder Group which has launched this initiative with the aim of developing advanced civilian drone technology solutions for Sri Lanka.

The project involves creating a network of alliances and partnerships with advanced drone technology providers across the globe, states a press release from the Pathfinder Group. Initially, Pathfinder Capital will establish relationships with leading drone technology companies that specialize in sophisticated delivery, inspection/surveillance and agriculture solutions, operating in the United States and in Israel.

The release states that after the “first phase has been consolidated and the necessary regulatory and related clearances obrtained, the ‘Pathfinder Vimana’ initiative will further expand its international network with the objective of acting as a catalyst to create local capacity, competency and infrastructure in this crucial sector.”

MMBL-Pathfinder Group has over the years promoted other pioneering aviation-related ventures in Sri Lanka such as strategic alliances with leading global air transport companies. MMBL-Pathfinder is also a promoter and joint-venture partner in Cinnamon Air, the domestic airline that provides scheduled and charter flights across the island, states the release.

“Ancient Sanskrit texts going back to several thousands of years provide vivid details of flying objects called Vimanas. It is believed that the ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ was one such aerial vehicle used by king Ravana of Lanka, referred to in the Indian epic ‘Ramayana’, the release further adds.



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