The Pathfinder Foundations webinar titled “COVID-19 and the Economy: Which Way Now for Sri Lanka” held in September 2021 brought together leading thinkers on the Sri Lankan economy to discuss relevant issues and provide pragmatic suggestions. The riveting discussion that followed the webinar was informed by the findings of a study on the “Macroeconomic Impact of COVID-19 and Policy Choices for Sri Lanka” authored by Dr. Ganeshan Wignaraja, Senior Research Associate of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and a Senior Visiting Fellow of the Pathfinder Foundation. The occasional paper is one part of a five-country project undertaken by ODI.

In this paper, Dr. Wiganraja takes a comprehensive look at the economic impact of COVID-19 and explores the public policy choices to engineer economic recovery whilst mapping the behaviour of key economic variables using indicators including growth, exports, poverty, gender, climate change, public finance and the trade regime.

The occasional paper published by the Pathfinder Foundation is now available


PF-ODI Occasional Paper


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