The Cabinet of Ministers granted approval for the implementation of the proposed pilot projectfor production of organic fertilizer by establishing at least one organic fertilizer center per each Divisional Secretariat. Accordingly, pilot projects will be launched in 29 Divisional Secretariat divisions in the districts of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa where agriculture is the major industry.

Since the Government has already taken measures to ban usage of chemical fertilizer for Agriculture, it is essential to prepare an appropriate programme for ensuring a sufficient supply of organic fertilizer by increasing the production of the same by the start of Mahaseason in the month of September. The Cabinet of Ministers observed.

Therefore, a project has been planned anddesigned to implement an organic fertilizer production project by furnishing the essential fundamental capital from the Land Reformation Commission Fund, the so manufactured organic fertilizer to be purchased by the Ministry ofAgriculture and distribute among the farmers.


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