The warning from the National Dengue Control Unit comes amidst rising numbers of dengue patients.

A communique from the NDCU said as many as 23, 000 suspected cases of dengue have been reported up to the 4th of November out of which nearly 3000 were reported in October.

In these first days of November, up to 505 cases have been reported so far.

The communique went on to say that countrywide inspections show an increase in dengue mosquito breeding grounds. Based on this, a rise in the number of patients is anticipated in the coming weeks.

The NDCU will carry out a special dengue control program in selected high -risk areas in 59 medical divisions in the western and eastern provinces between 8- 13 November to prevent the situation from escalating into an epidemic.

Staff in these medical divisions with the support of the police and tri forces will carry out inspections in these areas to identify dengue mosquito breeding places and to remove them.  There will also be awareness raising for the public on how to keep their surroundings dengue free.

Domestic appliances such as fridges, air conditioners, plate racks in the kitchen, unused WCs, flower pots and vases and places where water stagnates are among the common breeding grounds for the dengue mosquito.  


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