Importers of commodity items are pushing for an increase in the prices of flour, milk powder and cement, owing to the recent price hikes in the world market.

Minister of State for Cooperatives, Marketing Development and Consumer Protection Minister Mr Lasantha Alagiyawanna said.


The Minister was speaking at the inauguration of the Q-Shop of the State Commercial Multipurpose Corporation,  set up at the Fort Railway Station premises. The Minister further said that the importers should inform the Consumer Affairs Authority about their products daily. The Minister pointed out that with the increase in the prices in the world market, a corresponding increase in the price of cement is imminent.

At a  meeting between Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa and importers held recently the importers requested to increase the price of milk powder by rs 350. After a lengthy discussion with the Minister of Finance, they had agreed to increase the price by Rs. 200.


Commenting on the price hike, LasanthaWickremasinghe, Chairman, MILCO, said, “Considering the current situation in the country, MILCO has not requested the government to increase the price of milk powder.” That he had endured.

He also said that Milco’s long-term policy is to increase the consumption of liquid milk. He further said that 2 1/2 litres of liquid milk are priced, at rs 520


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