In a letter addressed to the Minister of Health Pavithra Wanniarachchi, the College of Pediatricians state that they selected their nominee after careful consideration which was followed by a unanimous decision.

The letter states that besides, they also consider section 4(b)(i) of the National Medicines Regulatory Authority Act no 5 of 2015. On the 24th  of February 2021, the College of Pediatricians states that they received a letter from the Secretary to the Ministry of State for Production, Supply and Regulation of Pharmaceuticals requesting the Sri Lanka College of Pediatricians to nominate three members to the Board of the National Medicinal Regulatory Authority. “We are in the firm belief that this letter misled us to nominate two members in addition to Dr Lak Kumar Fernando. Although it was not according to the Act we nominated three members from the Sri Lanka College of Pediatricians. However, two of these members declined participation and we clearly communicated that to the Secretary of the State Ministry on the 12th  of March 2021. The only remaining name was Dr Lak Kumar Fernando to represent the Sri Lanka College of Pediatricians on the board of the NMRA. Terminating his services from the NMRA eventually leads to the loss of our representation there.

We firmly believe the College of Pediatricians should have apposition in the board of the NMRA as we ae represent the health care needs of the children in the country”.

The letter requested the Minister to revoke the decision to terminate the services of Dr Lak Kumar Fernando and to reappoint him to the Board of the NMRA.

The President and the council have requested the Minister for a meeting in this regard.



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