The antibodies of those who received the first jab of the AstraZeneca vaccine has dropped significantly after the expiry of sixteen weeks a study was done by the Sri JayawardenepuraUniversity medical faculty has found.

It has been found that the antibody level has at least dropped by 26per cent, according to the research team.

The T cells however have been active even after sixteen weeks and responded to the pathogens according to the research. The research team said that the antibody levels are likely to increase drastically following the second instalment of the second vaccine.

They have also found that the antibodies of the persons who received AstraZeneca as the first dose remained as high as 98 per cent among young adults and 93.3 per cent among those above the age of seventy.

The researchers have found that it was necessary to receive both doses to avoid the Alfa variant of the Covid 19 infection. They also pointed out it is dangerous to receive the Sinopharm vaccine as the second dose for those who received AstraZeneca as the first dose.




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