The Director-General of Health Services has further relaxed the restrictions imposed due to the spread Covid 19 pandemic in the country.
Accordingly, the new health guidelines allow weddings subject to a 25% limitation of the seating capacity with a maximum of 150 guests. Places of worship also allowed with 50% capacity. Cinemas and museums also can operate subject to those restrictions, according to the Director-General of Health Services.
Conferences / Seminars / Brand Launches – are also permitted with a maximum of 50 invitees.
Examinations are allowed while Care Homes are closed for visitors. Funerals should be held within 24 hours with a maximum of 50 mourners. Barber and Beauty salons are allowed to operate on a prior appointment basis. Gymnasiums are also allowed, subject to restrictions. All government departments and private sector organisations urged to be responsible to ensure their functioning are abided with new normalcy.
Meanwhile, the public are advised to adhere to DReAM, D-physical distancing, No gathering, mainly stay at home, Re- respiratory etiquette, A-aseptic practices, hand wash and hand sanitizing and M-proper use of masks.
The government, however, said that interprovincial travel restrictions remain for another 14 days.
The new normalcy regulations will not apply to areas already under isolation.


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