A Policeman who stopped, a “jogging lady” near a leading school in Colombo and reminded her of the quarantine guidelines and  travel restrictions, was transferred out of his duty post within minutes.

The Policeman in question has warned the lady that she was acting contrary to the quarantine guidelines issued by the government and stopped her from continuing. The “Jogging lady” happened to be the wife of the top cop. The lady who was jogging on the road as part of her daily warm-up exercises was annoyed by the intervention of the officer. She yelled at him and tried to proceed but, the Policemen ordered her back saying, that everybody is equal before the law.

Then the lady in question called her husband over the mobile phone, and the high ranking office had raised his voice so that the policeman at the point could hear him. The Policeman asked the senior cop what happens if others also want to do the same.

The Police officer was immediately transferred to another point but later resumed his work at the original post where he was on duty after the other officers too raised the issue and condemned the incident.


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