The case filed against former Negombo Prison Superintendent Anuruddha Sampayo and six others has been fixed for day-to-day trial by Negombo High Court.

High Court Judge Pramila Ratnayake on Wednesday (3) fixed the case to be heard on day-to-day basis commencing from November 22.

The Attorney General had filed indictments against former Negombo Prison Superintendent Anuruddha Sampayo, four senior prison officials and two inmates on charges of conspiracy, forgery and use of false documents to smuggle prohibited items into the Prison. The indictments had been filed on 90 charges for preparing forged documents and aiding and abetting to prepare forged documents.

Meanwhile, the High Court permitted the defence to have access to the electronic devices which generated CCTV Footage and other documents relating to the indictments.

Defence Counsel Darshana Kuruppu appearing for the third accused made an application under Section 7 of the Evidence (Special Provisions) Act  No.14 of 1995 stating he needs a list of the proposed electronic or computer evidence. He informed court that he is entitled under Section 7(l)(b) of the Act entitles to have access to and inspect not only the contemporaneous recordings or statements produced by the computer that is proposed to be led in evidence but also the machine, device or computer which was used to produce the evidence.

Senior State Counsel Viraj Weerasuriya vehemently objected to the application on the basis that except the Counsel for the third Accused,   none of other counsel did not seek permission to inspect devices.



President’s Counsel Shavendra Fernando appearing for the first Accused informed court that they did not receive relevant documents until 27 of October 2021 and therefore, they could not make any application.

All other counsel appearing for other Accused  informed that they will rely on the application made on behalf the third accused. Accordingly, the High Court permitted the defence to inspect the relevant devices as the Accused have a right to a fair trial.


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