Sri Lanka has already vaccinated five million of its twenty two million people against the Covid 19 pandemic. Accordingly, 5175600 first doses of the vaccine have been administered so far. Sri Lanka reached the five million mark on the 15th of July according, to Health Ministry officials.

On the 14th of July alone, over 380,000 people have received their vaccines. Up to date, Sri Lanka has received Indian, AstraZeneca, Russian SputnikV, Chinese Sinopharm  US –Pfizer and, US-Moderna to the people under the Covax facility and through donations.

Meanwhile, the government is planning to vaccinate a majority of the people against the Covid 19 pandemic before the end of September this year. It will enable the government to open the country and normalize its activities.

Accordingly, everybody above the age of thirty in the Western Province will receive vaccines before the 31st of July.





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