bankruptcy status by September and urged everyone to work collectively to back the
Government’s efforts.
The President made this statement while addressing the AGM of the Sri Lanka Institute of Directors (SLID) held at the Cinnamon Grand on Thursday.
“I hope by September that Sri Lanka will be able to shed its bankruptcy status. Whether you are Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, or of any other nationality, no one likes to be called bankrupt,”, the president said.

“If individually you don’t like it, then collectively, why do you want to have this tag on you? So let’s get out of it.” said President Wickremesinghe.
The President also mentioned that a Climate Prosperity Plan was launched in November.
which means that more resources are required, partially from the Government and partly from
other investments, including private investments. As a result, the President stated that if Sri
If Lanka abandons the programme, the country will immediately forfeit the $700 million that the
The World Bank is set to provide for the country, and the second review will be a failure.
Sri Lanka will, in the future, start playing a more active role in the areas of debt and climate.
resilience, and the President expressed confidence that Sri Lanka can make it with what it has.