The mural was erected, the previous night by young environmentalists who are campaigning against the wanton destruction taking place throughout the country.

Colombo Municipal workers who turned up at the location this morning attempted to remove the large mural, the organisers, however, protested and showed evidence that they have the necessary approval for the purpose. The partly removed mural was, erected once again following the protest. Later in the day, Police environmental division appeared on the scene to remove the same once again, amidst protests.

A senior Police officer said the motive is commendable but they have to get the necessary approval from the police, to erect such murals.

“They had to wait until we came to power to set up murals,” he added

The young activists nevertheless, demonstrated near the Vihara Maha Devi Park on the huge damage caused to the environment with impunity.

The theme of the demonstration “STOP ECOCIDE” was an awareness campaign launched by the youth activists. The young activists raised their voice against the ecological genocide and told the people, its harmful effects.

One activist said that Police action to disrupt their peaceful demonstration was a part of the agenda of those behind this shameful destruction.


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