The present lockdown needs to extend by two more weeks to reap better benefits in controlling the pandemic. Minister, in Charge of Covid Control Sudharshini Fernandopulle states.

There are nearly 50000 Covid infected people in the society although the number reported is less than 5000, she said quoting,  expert opinion.

There is no considerable reduction in the number of deaths either or the number infected due to Covid.  Hence, it is crucial to keep the people away from crowded places or prevent them from converging in big groups. She said.

However, she said it is imprudent to place the country under a lockdown for an indefinite period. People must gradually learn to live with the pandemic following all health guidelines.

A new variant from South Africa is already prevalent in England and, there is a grave risk that it may surface in Sri Lanka also. Hence it is vital to arrest the spread of the pandemic to save the people she stressed, in a ground reality where there are families, found infected with Covid 19.


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