Gazette published on the 27th of January
New rules to be effective from 15th February

The Supreme Court has set out new guidelines for Electronic filing and urgent digital virtual hearings in the Supreme Court which will come into operation from the 15th of February.

A person who intends to file an application or appeal in the Supreme Court electronically or a party an application or appeal already filed in the Supreme Court under the existing rules who intends to file other documents pertaining to such application or appeal in the Supreme Court electronically maybe himself or through an Attorney-at-Law acting on his behalf submit through electronic mail to the Registrar of the Supreme Court the application appeal or other documents along with a motion addressed to the Chief Justice and other judges of the Supreme Court.

A gazette in this respect had already been published and the Supreme Court intends to hold digital hearings of the Court in situations where it is physically not possible to hold Court proceedings. This includes situations prejudicial to the national security of the country.

The Parties should possess a computer with all the necessary equipment and ensure that the webcam and option of video conferencing platform should be in operation throughout the entire proceedings of the case unless otherwise prior permission is obtained from the Court.  


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