The Supreme Court has decided to take up only ‘urgent’ matters in open court for hearing from 23rd August to 31st August 2021, given the COVID19 situation in the country.

If there are any urgent matters to be taken up in open court, a Motion containing an application to such effect should be filed before the scheduled date, or if that is not possible, before 9.30 AM on the scheduled date, with prior notice to relevant parties, the Supreme Court Registrar announced.

The Supreme Court registrar further announced that such urgent matters will be taken up in the designated court commencing at 11.00 AM.

The Supreme Court Registrar further announced that litigants would not be permitted to enter the Superior Courts Complexwithout permission has from the relevant presiding justice.

All Attorneys-at-Law have been, directed to fully adhere to health guidelines issued by health authorities relating to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

Attorneys-at-Law has been further requested to enter courtrooms only when it is reasonably likely that their respective application is about to be taken up. The new dates for matters that are scheduled from 23rd August to 31st August 2021 will be notified later. When a party or an attorney contact the Registrar in advance and schedule a time and date to submit any new filings, motions, written submissions and other documents the registry will receive such documents on agreed working days between 9.00 AM and 12.30 PM.

Meanwhile, the Court of Appeal has also announced that as a precautionary measure relating to Covid-19, all cases that are scheduled to be taken up before all Divisions of the Court of Appeal during the period from 23rd August 2021 – 27th August 2021 will not be mentioned as scheduled.

Urgent cases are only to be considered during this period and it is the discretion of the Presiding Justice to consider an application urgent or not.

Meanwhile, the Judicial Service Commission has given instructions to the High Court Judges, all judicial officers and Presidents of Labor Tribunals that cases should not be called in open court. However, the above restrictions will not apply to all matters relating to bail and any other urgent matter.


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