The Colombo High Court today served indictments on Swiss Embassy staffer Garnier Bannister Francis for allegedly fabricating evidence over an alleged abduction of herself by CID officers.

Colombo High Court fixed the case to be taken up again on June 4.

The accused was ordered to be released on previous bail conditions imposed by Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court. The OIC of High Court police post was directed to obtain her fingerprints in order to ascertain her previous crime records.

Garnier Bannister Francis through her lawyer sought an order directing the Attorney General to forward indictments written in English.

Garnier Bannister Francis, a resident of Maligawatta worked at the Swiss Embassy as a visa officer, had lodged a complaint that she was abducted and assaulted by five men in the Cinnamon Gardens (Kuruduwatta) area on November 25, 2019, sexually assaulted and detained for several hours after questioning about issuing a visa to Nishantha Silva who was a CID Inspector.

A second official of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Switzerland had lodged a written complaint with the Acting Inspector General of Police on November 27, 2019.

The Attorney General alleged that the accused had presented false facts to mislead the investigators.


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