Tamil leaders call for a Referendum in the North and East to resolve Tamil National Question



Tamil political parties and civil society leaders have written to the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) to refer Sri Lanka to the international Criminal Court and to establish an International Independent Investigative Mechanism (IIIM) for Sri Lanka and to conduct a Referendum.

In a letter addressed to High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelete Tamil political parties and civil society leaders have pointed out that successive Sri Lankan Governments have failed to implement the UNHRC resolutions.

The previous government it said, had categorically stated that they would not implement the UNHRC resolution.

The current government they stated, went one step further and officially withdrew from the co-sponsorship of the resolutions 30/1, 34/1 and 40/1 and walked away from the UNHRC accountability process.

While requesting the establishment of an International independent Investigative mechanism (IIIM) for Sri Lanka, among other things they have also called for an internationally organized and monitored Referendum in the North and East of Sri Lanka to find a permanent solution for the longstanding Tamil National question.

The Tamil leaders have separately addressed the ambassadors of the countries represented in the UNHRC and stationed in Sri Lanka setting out the problems they have encountered over the years.


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