Senior lawyer and civil society activist Senaka Perera stated that he and a team of lawyers are ready at any time to provide necessary legal assistance to the couple who are currently under investigation by the police over a controversial, pornographic video. The video is reported to have, filmed at the Pahanthudawa waterfall in Belihuloya.

Attorney-at-Law Senaka Perera alleged that the police have given undue publicity to this particular incident where investigations into serious crimes in the country proceed very slowly.

Senaka Perera told that the two arrested suspects can be prosecuted only under the Obscene Publications Act and under Vagrants Ordinance for indecent behaviour at a public place.

‘It is inhumane to pursue the couple in this way and it could endanger their future lives. We are ready to appear on behalf of them to ensure their fundamental rights guaranteed under the constitution, the senior lawyer said.

He further said it is important to stand up for the protection of the legal and social rights of these individuals at this juncture.

‘Although the video is said to have been filmed at a public place, it is clear that it was recorded when no one was around. It has also been released to an adult website. Because of this, one could view this video only after finding the relevant website and confirming that he or she is over 18 years of age. Therefore, the claims by law enforcement authorities that this is harming the public, cannot be accepted,’ Perera added.

He also blamed the mainstream media for giving undue publicity to this isolated event after depicting the incident as a serious crime in the country.


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