Three experts on the vaccines committee appointed by the National Medical Regulatory Authority have tendered their resignation. The resignations came against a decision to import 13 million doses of the Sinovac vaccine against their recommendation.

According to informed sources, the three medical experts are Dr Rajiv Pereis, Dr. (Mrs) Kanthi Nanayakkara of the Medical Research Institute and Professor of Pharmacology ChannaRanasinghe.

The committee of experts have given a divided opinion in approving the Sinovac vaccine for emergency use, and four members agreed to indent only two million doses for the purpose.

The determination of the expert committee was insufficient data on the part of the manufacturer and doubts relating to the efficacy of the Sinovac vaccine and its response to the Delta variant.

In countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand people, have died despite the administration of both vaccines, they have pointed out.

At a recent meeting of the NMRA, the board of directors have approved the purchase of 13million vaccines regardless of the opposition by two medical experts on the board and ignoring the recommendation by the expert committee to purchase only two million vaccines for emergency use.

Medical sources point out that there was relentless pressure from one politician and few officials to purchase the Sinovac vaccine that has proved less efficient than the other vaccines available now in the country.


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