Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) on Wednesday (May 10) filed a petition (SC SD 19/2023) in the Supreme Court, challenging the Anti-Corruption Bill and highlighting several key concerns.

While TISL welcomes the long-awaited Anti-Corruption Bill, TISL’s petition was filed challenging certain provisions of the law on the basis that they are unconstitutional, considering that the law must be enacted in accordance with accepted international norms while safeguarding fundamental rights ensured by the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

TISL has challenged 37 clauses of the Anti-Corruption Bill in total, including clauses 28(3), 161, and 119. (Refer to the full petition on our website:

In its petition, TISL raises concerns that several provisions of the bill are disproportionate, could have a chilling effect on whistleblowing, the right to information, and freedom of expression, and could affect the concepts of transparency and accountability.

The Attorney General has been named as the respondent in this petition. Attorney-at-Law Pulasthi Hewamanna appears for the petitioners with Attorneys-at-Law Githmi Wijenarayana, Fadhila Fairoze, Piumi Madhushani, Harini Jayawardhana, Lasanthika Hettiarachchi, and Sankhitha Gunaratne, instructed by Attorney-at-Law Niluka Dissanayake.

The case will be taken up tomorrow, May 12, in the Supreme Court.



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